Monday, June 12, 2006

Lesson III - The Double Maltese Cross

The Double Maltese Cross - Foundation and Interlacing

As already mentioned, once you understand the basics, all others patterns are easy to execute. They are but combinations of the basic motifs.

The sketch above is just a cluster of four Maltese Cross motifs linked together at the center by a Single Diamond.

For the sake of discussion,let us call this motif the Double Maltese Cross.

There is no need for step-by-step instructions for this motif.

So, how do you decide where to turn and where just to follow the lines?
We have already discussed corners and intersections in lesson II Part I.
Now here is what you do –
When you reach a corner – turn
When you reach an intersection – use it to reach the next square or in this case the next Maltese Cross

Now the filling or the interlacing –

When you reach a corner – go around it.
When you reach an intersection – turn and move on to the next square or in this case, the next Maltese Cross.

The pictures above show the starting and finishing of the Double Maltese Cross.
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