Friday, January 25, 2013

Kutchwork Kurta Design - Part II

Working The Skeleton
Here's the pattern transferred to the fabric using white carbon (available with all wholesale stationery dealers).

Working the Skeleton:
The first step to working a kutchwork pattern is to pick up a pencil and trace the design starting at any point. For this design, start at point 1 then move on to 2 etc and continue to trace it until you get back to one.

Note: I have numbered only 2 repeats of the pattern here.

Observe that you were able to trace the pattern continuously without taking the pencil off the pattern to start again elsewhere. This is the path your skeleton will take.

In the PIC 1 and PIC 2 below, I've striven to make my explanation for working the skeleton as clear as possible. I may even guilty of over explaining things. So, if you have grasped the general idea, simply ignore the rest.

Now the rest of the steps for working the skeleton.

This picture below shows you how to turn a corner (extreme right) in order to return to the starting point.

With the skeleton complete, you are now ready to work on the interlacing.

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