Thursday, May 11, 2006

Kutchwork Embroidery - Basic Motifs

The Single Diamond -  is the simplest motif used in Kutchwork.

The next motif is the Maltese Cross...

followed by the interlacing stitch in a shade of pink.  The motif in red is a combination of 2 lines of interlacing joined together by a Maltese Cross.

The Picture below is a combination of 4 Maltese Cross motifs joining to form a single more intricate and interesting motif.

The design possibilities using these simple motifs are limitless.
The picture below is one such combination of the 4 motifs PLUS a mirror in the center. I could get in only 3/4 th of the embroidered piece as I scanned the embroidery directly instead of photographing it. I am sure you can imagine what the full piece would look like.

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