Friday, January 18, 2013

Free Kutchwork Pattern For Kurtha - Part I

Kutchwork is what I'd pick if I want to embellish something and want it quick. You don't have to spend too of time on it. 

Unfortunately, some people find Kutchwork difficult. I'd say, they weren't taught Kutchwork the right way.

All that is required is to understand the concept of the unders and overs that give this type of embroidery an identity entirely its own.

Here is the  design I used on my Kurta. Click on the picture to enlarge. You can then print it out.

Working on the 1st pattern is easy enough. The second one is slightly complicated. I'll show how it should be worked in my next post.

I've used three strands of Anchor stranded cotton.

Tip: You can use the smallest motif with the satin stitch leaves around the neckline and the 1st motif can be spaced here and there on the kurta to give your outfit an exotic finish. 

Design on Kurta Part II
Design on Kutra Part III - Skeleton
Design on Kurta Part IV - Interlacing Method I
Design on Kurta Part V - Interlacing Method II


Abhivyaktiya said...

Nice work, waiting for your next post

Shami Immanuel said...

I was searching for a simple pattern to do kutch on my kurtha. Your have the posted the design with the sample. I am going to try that. Thanks for the pattern and all the tutorials. Waiting for the next post.