Thursday, May 25, 2006

Lesson I Part II- The Basic Diamond: Interlacing

Mastering the Basic Diamond - the interlacing

The next step is filling or interlacing the foundation or the skeleton.

Note: I will be using the terms filling and interlacing interchangeably. So too the terms foundation and skeleton.

Bring the needle up between 1 and 8 as in the picture.

Pass the needle
over 1 and under D
over B and under 2 = Line A1 is formed
over 3 and under A = goes around corner.

Over C and under 4 = Line B1 formed
Over 5 and under B = goes around the next corner.

Over B1

Over D and under 6 = Line C1 is formed
Over 7 and under C = goes around the next corner

Over C1 and under A1
Over A and under 8 = back to the starting point wherein the needle is inserted back into the fabric.

Points to remember:
1. Except at the starting point and at the end, the needle is only passed under or over previously laid thread.
2. You can count upto 4 parallel lines in any direction in this motif. Observe that if the odd numbered threads are under line A, then the even numbered threads are over line A and vice versa. The same is true for lines B, C and D also.

This again is a very important step. It should be perfected before moving on to the Maltese Cross.
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